Foot Surgery


Advanced Foot Surgery Solutions for the Kerrville & San Antonio, TX Areas

Advanced Foot Surgery

the office of Shay Fish, DPM is run by an American Board Certified Podiatric Surgeon, Dr. Shay Fish. With more than 23 years of industry experience in podiatric care and foot surgery, Dr. Fish and the rest of our professional staff boast a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding of your foot care needs. We have the proper X-ray machines and state-of-the-art equipment needed to properly diagnose your condition or severity of injury, and provide the most professional form of treatment.

Reliable Foot Surgery Options for Various Issues

At the office of Shay Fish, DPM in Kerrville & San Antonio, TX, we provide foot surgery solutions for all kinds of traumatic structural injuries, including:

  • Torn Achilles Tendons
  • Torn Ankle Ligaments
  • Major Fractures
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Heel Spurs
  • Minor Fractures

What Can We Do for Your Foot Pain?

  • If you have a wound, your podiatrist can prescribe antibiotics or perform foot surgery
  • Consult your podiatrist if you are looking for shoe insoles
  • If your foot gets injured, your podiatrist can administer medication and can order tests to figure out how bad it is
  • Your podiatrist can treat urgent foot conditions

Contact Us For Foot Surgery & More

If you live near Kerrville, TX or San Antonio, TX and need foot surgery, we will make sure you’re prepared before and after the surgery. We’ll also make sure you fully understand the risks involved (if any), how long the recovery process will roughly be, and more. You will be in the best hands. Call us today for more information on our foot surgery services or if you have any questions before you schedule an appointment with us!