Achilles Tendon


Achilles Tendon Injury Treatment in San Antonio & Kerrville, TX

Achilles Tendon

Athletes and those who live active lifestyles are more prone to injuring their Achilles tendon. Treatment for this kind of injury varies, based on its severity. For Achilles tendons that aren’t completely torn, Dr. Fish will likely recommend resting, icing the affected area, compression, elevation, strength and flexibility exercises, and taking anti-inflammatory OTC medication to reduce swelling and pain.

If the Achilles tendon is completely torn, corrective surgery is required. If you injure your Achilles tendon from playing a sport, while working out, or from wearing high heels on a regular basis, don’t wait to be seen by our staff. Our professional staff offers their services to the greater Kerrville and San Antonio, TX areas. If you have an Achilles tendon injury, don’t wait! Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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