Custom Molded Orthotics

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Custom made orthotics serve a variety of functions that help relieve joint pain and improve joint function. Whether you've just had surgery to repair a major injury to your foot or ankle or you've been having some minor pain from your normal daily activities, orthotics can help.

Orthotics work to provide the following:

  • Control the movement of the foot
  • Restrict abnormal movement
  • Encourage correct movement
  • Control weight distribution across the surface of the foot
  • Aid foot rehabilitation
  • Promote overall comfort

Hill Country Foot Surgeons will measure your stride and the way you distribute your body weight across your feet while walking. This will help us develop a custom orthotic that helps correct your gait and relieves joint pain in the feet, ankles, knees and even hips.

If you've been having lower body joint pain, the answer could be a custom fit corrective orthotic. Contact us at (210) 616-0819 for our San Antonio location or (830) 895-3400 for our Kerrville location.

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